Batting In Japan, You can see in Stadium but...

When to come to field in Japan stadium, you might watch this situation, however this practice cause bad feeling after game starting.




1. Player will use the bat with using wrist

I'm thinking about the wrist doesn't turn until hiiting the ball, because I feel that batting need to push by the palm as much as possible with leading the arm, but if you use the wrist as like turning for hitting the ball, the ball inpact will get losing, I think.

I'm thinking about If we will use toss practice before the game, we will lose this feeling above.


2. Player will cause the back shoulder moving forward

I'm thinking about the back shoulder put the position as long as possible until hitting the ball, because if you move your body to forward, it means you couldn't hit the ball espcially breaking balls.

Ichiro said that the chest face to 3rd base dug out as much as possible in this tv show.


 3. Toss batting for fielding practice

I feel this pracitce is for fielder. The fielder has to wait for ball until the batter hit it. And this means batter doesn't know where they will hit, therefore I'm thinking it means good practice for the fielder.



I would like to use this practice for fielding but I don't recommend it for batting practice, What do you think about it?